The Refuge is a Non-Profit Ministry

Suggested Donation

The Refuge/Sentinel is a non-profit ministry. We realize that some people cannot afford the suggested donation. Others can give much more. We suggest that individuals, couples, and groups donate what they can.

Reserve your stay:
Sentinel (Jan-Dec)
minimum 2 nights
  • * Rates for a family of 5: $125/night
Refuge (May-Oct)
minimum 2 nights
  • * Group Rates (7+ adults): $40/adult/night
Refuge (Nov-Apr)
minimum 3 nights
  • * Available only to Group of 5+ at the above fixed rate
Refuge Day Rate
Adults only
  • * Availability May - October

Block out dates:

Christmas Week (Dec 20 – Jan 2)

Easter Week

Thanksgiving Week