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Who is welcomed to The Refuge?
We open our arms and hearts to Bible believing and practicing lovers of Jesus Christ who need rest, replenishment, renewal, and a place for fellowship with like-minded folk.
Who uses The Refuge?
Local church groups, mission organizations and Christian non-profits.
What is The Refuge used for?
Church gatherings, retreats, seminars, missionary pre-field training and debriefing, reunions, and organization/agency board and leadership team meetings.
Who are the most frequent guests at The Refuge?
Missionaries, pastors, clergy, chaplains, ministry directors, seminary students, women’s/men’s retreats, cross-cultural relief and development workers.
Do others share The Refuge with us?
We never schedule another party during your stay. This means the entire space is set apart to be solely yours for the duration of your booking.
Can we bring children?
The Refuge was designed and furnished with adults-only in mind and is regrettably not a child friendly environment. We do however offer alternative lodging for families: The Sentinel (See below)
The Sentinel: an alternative lodging for everyone including families
Located on the south end of the property, is a log cabin that can accommodate a family of five. The Sentinel, combines log cabin luxury with Colorado rustic, providing guests with comfort and privacy while feeling at home in the mountains. When larger groups need more beds than available at The Refuge, they add The Sentinel to their booking.
Is there a minimum number of nights stay?
Yes. To increase the benefits of disconnecting from your busy world and finding space and time to rest, guests stay for a minimum of two (2) nights; we recommend more.
What is the cost per night at The Refuge & The Sentinel?
Depending on the season, the suggested donation is either $35 or $45 per night per person. (See “Cost” tab for more specific details and minimum requirements.) However, because we operate debt free and are a non-profit ministry, we suggest that individuals, couples, and groups donate what they can. We realize that some people cannot afford the suggested donation per night per person. Others can give much more. All revenue collected helps us sustain, maintain and improve The Refuge & Sentinel (its cleaning, utilities, repairs and maintenance, gardens etc.)
Is The Refuge avaiable for day use?
Yes. The day use rate is $15 per person (May-October)
How does check-in and check-out work?
Check-in begins at 11 AM (you can check-in at any time after) and check out is at 4 PM. You can download directions to The Refuge and you’ll receive an email or text message, with your personalized front door entry code, the day you stay begins. Once you reach The Refuge, if we’re not present to welcome you, simply enter the code on the door and begin to unwind and find rest. When it comes time to head back to the daily grind, take a deep breath and be sure to lock all the doors and windows before you go.
Do we cook our own food or is it prepared for us?
The spacious, well-furnished kitchen allows you to prepare meals for yourself. We provide essentials like oil, salt and pepper, and an assortment of spices. You can get creative by bringing your own must-have ingredients and provisions. For coffee lovers, there is a Keurig Coffee Maker, so do not forget to bring your favorite K-Cup Pods. There is no need for you to pack paper towels and dish soap as we also provide these. An outdoor grill is also available for your use. In some very rare situations, we can arrange limited meal preparation. Please contact us about your requests.
Do we bring our own bedding?
We provide linens and towels for up to 9 guests at The Refuge & 5 guests at The Sentinel. We do ask that you remove all sheets and towels and put them in the laundry room before you leave.
Is there cell phone reception?
Because of the secluded nature of our location, cell phone service is a little spotty. Depending on your service provider, you may not get any reception at all – if this is the case, embrace the rare opportunity to unplug and relax. Where cell phones occasionally work, we discourage their use. If you need to keep in touch with family back home or make an emergency call, there is a phone line available for your convenience.
Is there cable television and internet access?
A large screen television is available for DVD and video use only. Please bring your own movies as our selection is very limited. We have intentionally avoided live television and internet/WiFi in order to encourage you to disengage from technology and engage your interior life.
How is The Refuge secured?
The Refuge is fully secure with a digital door lock and equipped with a phone line to call us, should you need to. We are situated where wildlife and insects may be present, so bear in mind you are responsible for taking appropriate safety measures. This means putting food away, keeping the outdoor courtyards clean, securing personal items, and bringing your bug spray.
Are pets allowed?
We no longer allow fury friends, indoors or outdoors, anywhere on the property.
What about tobacco, vaping, marijuana and drugs, are they allowed?
The Refuge is strictly a drug free zone. In addition, tobacco use, vaping, and marijuana are prohibited on the 80 acres.
Are there any additional rules that I need to know about?
Safety, comfort and ensuring a good experience for all our guests is important to us. We ask that guests: * Never leave a fire, whether a fireplace indoors or a fire-pit outdoors, unattended * Never leave food and/or trash outside that may attract wildlife * Not shoot, hunt or trap * Not host parties or events to which unregistered guests are invited
What is the weather like?
The weather is typical drama-ridden Colorado weather. It can change rapidly from sunshine to storms. Summers consist of hot sunshine and rain. Winters can turn to blizzards. Come prepared for all possibilities. The elevation of The Refuge is 7,200 ft.
How should we dress?
Depending on the season, you will want to dress for warm and cold scenarios. Evenings typically cool off drastically. The sun can be very hot during the day. Bring sunscreen and warm clothing. It’s advisable to wear closed-toe shoes while hiking on the property’s trails or in the region due to ungroomed paths and prevalence of rocks, cacti and possibly, even snakes.
What else should I pack?
Because of the dirt roads, dusty trails and sometimes muddy/snowy conditions, we ask all guests to remove their shoes at the front door. With that in mind, you are encouraged to pack indoor/house shoes, like slippers for your comfort. Also, we suggest you bring overnight essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries) and anything you can’t live without. The Refuge does have playing cards, puzzles and an assortment of board games.
What kind of outdoor activities are there?
Trails for hiking and biking sprawl out in all directions from The Refuge. Fishing streams are 30 min. to 1 hour away. Skiing is 2 hours away.
Is firewood available?
Yes, we have plenty of local firewood available to burn in any of the 5 indoor fireplaces. We provide, without charge, four baskets of local firewood for your enjoyment. Thereafter, simply use what you’d like, and based on an honor system, bill yourself $6.50 for each additional basket of wood burned. At the end of your stay you can write a check to: The Refuge (Memo: # bundles of wood)
Does The Refuge have an outside fire-pit?
Yes, we encourage our guests to enjoy time around the fire-pit in the outer courtyard of The Refuge. However, please note that if a burn-ban or high wind advisory is in effect, our team will notify you and no outdoor fire-pit activities will be allowed.
What wildlife might be sighted in the area?
It’s important to always keep a safe distance from the animals. Remembering never to feed, pet, chase or harass them will ensure you and the wildlife stay safe and healthy. Depending on the time of the year, common sightings include turkey, gopher, squirrel, mule deer and elk; occasionally you may see bobcat, bullsnake, rattlesnake and coyote; mountain lion and black bear are in the area but hardly ever viewed.
Should I be mindful about the water supply?
Our water source is a 120 foot underground well. As long as you are thoughtful in your shower usage, you should have more than enough for the duration of your stay. Regrettably, we do not have a bathtub at The Refuge for you to soak in.
Is the water drinkable (potable)?
The water supply indoors is drinkable as it has been treated and filtered. If you have any concerns about drinking well-water, we suggest you bring bottled water to satisfy your personal preference. However, the outdoor water faucets supply is for garden use only; it is not potable and should never be drunk.